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My sculpted bits

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MATERIAL: I use a 2 part Urathane that will handle 250 degrees ( F ) and 5000 psi pressure. It is real tuff stuff. You will not have to worry about it breaking if you drop it. The super glue is weaker than this stuff.

Keep in mind I sculpt these bits, then make a mold of them then cast them for you to buy. All my work is copyrighted to me, and is not to be duplicated. So if it seems kinda pricey it is because I am not making 100 I am making only a few. I will try to keep it reasonable. 

Bits2       Bits3 

My Creations 
Contact me for a grab bag of bits.


Just a huge pile of coins and stuff.



This is stuff from a bear rug to jars of wine.
Clutter to make a town market look cool.


Lock away your captives or prisoners.
It can be made to open and shut.


Here is a table with a meal on it.
Use it where your characters may eat.


5/8" long x 1/2" wide - screen is 3/8" high.
Computer, screen, keyboard, all in one.

.50 cents

A bit of detail for a model, open or shut case.
The gun is made for 25mm or 30mm characters.

This is a pile of ammo to go anywhere you like.
It has a clip, grenades, and about 400 rounds in a pile.

Gun case & Ammo 1.50 cents for both.

Bits 2



This is a pile of treasure that has a scroll, a sword, two leather bags of gold/silver, mounds of coins, some precious stones, a goblet, a bracelet, a celtic looking cross, and a old treasure chest. Measures a little over a inch both ways, and is 9/16 tall.
Can be used for all sorts of things from a kings ransome, to a objective of a game. The pieces in the treasure pile could be items with special powers. This could turn the tide of a battle. Could be the money to pay mercs, or buy war machines with. All is up to you.

A small kit of stuff that includes a bear rug, jars & bowls, wine casks, stacks of potatoes, fruit, a basket, and a plate of grain. It is intended to make a town market look like a market. It also makes good cover for your troops.
1 wine cask 15/16" tall x 1/2" wide tapers to 3/8", 1 basket 1/2" tall x 1/2" wide, 1 bowl 5/16" tall x 9/16" round, 1 vase 9/16" tall x 3/8" wide, 1 jar 9/32" tall x 1/4" round, 1 vase 9/16" tall x 1/8" tapers to 3/8", 1 plate 1/16" tall x 7/16 round, 1 bear rug 1-1/8" long x 5/8" wide x 1/16" thick, 1 stack of potatoes and 1 stack of fruit both 1/4" wide.

One of my many doors. It can be used any place you want to lock in, or out others. I have it on a jail, but it can be used to keep others out of a armory.

It will include 1 Door, 1 rock door jam, 2 rock trim pieces. Unpainted white plastic.

This table needs no example picture for a use. It can be used where your characters may eat. 1 1/4" long x 3/4" wide 1/8" thick.
This table is $2.00

Just a computer terminal for those places you may need one. It may be an objective to reach, before you can enter a room. Also works well as a security panel for gates, and alarms. The best thing is you get to make up the rules for it.

It could be a special weapon, or objective to reach before you go on with the second phase of the game. The open case is 1" x 7/8" and the closed case is just 1" x 7/16". Both are less than 5/16 thick. I also have a pile of bullets + - 400 rounds and clips with a few grenades almost done, finished it 11/3/05.

Modelers Attic * Katy * TX * 77493 * All pieces are copyrighted Copyright 2010 , and are not to be duplicated. Keep all bits out of reach of small children.(choke hazard)

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