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Center Pieces

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The first of many center pieces is ready.

Center piece - THORNBLADE
Carboard not included.

The story behind this: 
  The battle rages around a Wizard and like a hailstorm comes the arrows. The old Wizard was not as fast as he used to be, and was struck by several arrows. 
   In his last breath the old Wizard cast a spell. Out of the ground came a strange tree like thorn. The pod on the underside spewed magic over his Sword and it floated in mid air protected by a magic forcefield. Who ever has a wariors heart may take it. Who knows what powers it will give the winner of THORNBLADE!


Big Bertha will be out soon... copyrighting

It floats in mid air inside the forcefield!
Suspendid between the pod and the ground.

The real story is I thought it would be cool to offer a unique item.
To be used with your own house rules for any of the 25mm-30mm games. Note: Sword is magnified by the resin I assure you it is the proper scale.
It comes to you in 2 pieces, thorn is the tree like piece 4" tall x 3/8" round, which will be white plastic.THORNBLADE is the sword in the forcefield already painted 1 3/4" tall x 1/2" round. You put them on whatever base you want and paint. I used a cardboard base ( not included ).

Go ahead try and take it over....


Modelers Attic * Katy * TX * 77493 * All pieces are copyrighted Copyright 2010 , and are not to be duplicated. Keep all bits out of reach of small children.(choke hazard)

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