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Miniature Characters

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!Sorry Under Construction!
Please look below to find links Pages 2 and 3 where you will find Dwarf miniatures and Green ooze miniatures.
All copy rights are the property of Scott Richard / Modeler's Attic and are not to be duplicated.  

page 2

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I found a very good artist by the name of Scott Richard and he lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife of 12 years. He is a self-taught freelance sculptor, and has never attended any formal art training...just learned on the fly you might say. He has done a few private commissions, and is adding to his portfolio constantly. He recently won the King Kong likeness competition over at WETA COLLECTIBLES. I could see his talent and offered him a chance to help out Modeler's Attic, and offer a few mini's to collectors. The rest is unfolding now as you read this Scott is adding detail to his new sculpt.

We are always sculpting more, and more. Scott does his thing, and I do mine. The best part is, you can now enjoy a few miniatures from a great artist. I will keep sculpting the little things here in Texas, while Scott works his magic on his new sculpts in Canada. This page will soon fill up with all sorts of miniature characters, creatures, and monsters.   

Known to eat men whole in a single bite...
Perfect for dangerous ground areas.

Dino Rider Mini
He's an undead rider...flesh long torn away by the blowing sands, and harsh
environments. He travels the lands, selling his rarities to those willing to
pay his stiff prices.

Got anything you need to trade with this guy?
New sculpt on the way by Scott Richard.

Scott Richard Statue
Full of detail for your terrain.

 I got it, and just made the mold. If you ever had a idea for a large statue, here it is for you. I just posted the painted casting I made off his cool master green. As usual I went way beyond just painting. I made a huge gate which is now available by special order. I could not resist making it, and now you can have one too. Also, yes the gates swing open and shut. I am still building this page, which is going to be mainly sculpts by Scott Richard

Perfect for those alien planets, enter the BORE!

I just had to paint some up. When I cast orders I get some pieces that are not perfect. Since I can't sell them I paint them for myself, or throw them away. I painted up one of each. The feet of the dino did not turn out right, and the Bore had some air bubbles. I painted them anyway, just click on my gallery to see them ( page 2 ). I have to say Scott did a awesome job on both... 

My Gallery


Perfect for a town square, ancient border marker, or a gate like the one below. It is 6" tall with no distinct markings, so you can use it with all sorts of armies.

This is a sample of what can be done.
The mini is a well known Warhammer 28mm wizard.

Special order gate with 2 Statues $25.00


This terrifying creature lies in wait, where unsuspecting souls never see it
coming until they are being swallowed whole my it's gaping maw. It'll burst
from the ground only when it knows you are too close to flee. Perfect for areas of dangerous ground in a Sci-Fi game. This is a miniature with attitude from Scott Richard. Pre order now for $5.00 each.



Go make your model masterpiece ....


Modelers Attic * Katy * TX * 77493 * All pieces are copyrighted Copyright 2010 , and are not to be duplicated. Keep all bits out of reach of small children.(choke hazard)

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