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Bits 4

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New bits for 2006, all the pieces that are on this page are new items this year. I may only have a few items in the picture till I get it all done, but you will get what is listed in the description even if the picture does not show it.

A bellows and hot box for a blacksmith shop.
This would look great in a weapons forge.

Here is a close up of the bellows and fire box.
Lots of detail for the painters....

The power of steam.
It can be used for anything you want.

The round high volume tank looks like hammered copper. The smoke stack has some small details on it like the trim on upper rim, and the door to the fire box. Also each line for the brass piston barrel is a seperate piece. Joining these two is a area of wood slats that have steel straps holding them in place. It is compact but fits both human, and Dwarf armies.

here is a blacksmith kit I just finished. It will have 1 bellows, 1 coal box, 1 anvil, 1 hammer, and a detailed workbench. To give you a idea on size the coal box is 1/2" wide x 9/16" long x 1/2" tall. The bellows is almost 3/8" wide 1 3/8" long x 3/8" tall to tip of handle. Order the kit now for only $5.00, and it is made for 25-30mm figures.

Use this 8 piece model where you want a little power. It can lift a elevator, bridge, or supplies. Also any mechanical device you can think of could be steam operated. It comes with 1 high volume tank to store pressure, 1 fire box with piston attached, and 1 piston rod.1 Wheel, spool, and stand. Plus 2 lines to actuate piston. Heresy mini used to show scale. The Steam unit-  piston sticks out 3/4" from boiler tank which is 5/8" square with rounded corners,smoke stack is 1 5/8" tall. The round volume tank is 1" round. The stand is 1/2" tall x 1" wide. The fire box is 3/4" x 3/4". The wheel is 5/8" round x 5/16" thick. Piston shaft is 1 1/4" total x 5/16" round. NOTE: Shaft goes into piston barrel 7/16".   


Blacksmith  kit is 7 pieces in all.

3 pieces make it up.
Used by Dwarfs and Men to power machines.


A little of this, a little of that, ----       cool!


Modelers Attic * Katy * TX * 77493 * All pieces are copyrighted Copyright 2010 , and are not to be duplicated. Keep all bits out of reach of small children.(choke hazard)

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