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As I write this there is 730 days till the winter solstice in 2012. Mayan culture, the I-ching and many other ancient history events all point to 2012. Some say the brunt of the forces from the center of the Milky Way will hit in October around the 28th. I started building this website December 21, 2010 to try and give curious minds a answer.Will any of this come true? Maybe, but chances are a plain old bad thunder storm will hit you, or you will fall on hard times, or the darivatives market may wipe out your bank. So don't take the chance nothing will happen? I DON'T BELIEVE THE WORLD WILL END in 2012. Yet i do believe it will be different in 2013. I want to be ready for whatever happens, 2012 included. I have a good start to prepare people for earthquakes, harsh winters, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, civil unrest, economic decay, and natural disasters of any kind. So here we go----- 

I am just a Dad, that works 5 days a week. I for some reason have felt the need to learn about survival. I have the knowledge to make it in adverse conditions. So in the next 2 years or so all of what I find usefull will be on this site for people to look at. The best equipment, ideas, and information i can find. With prices that a regular guy can obtain, will be on here.  

There is no reason to not research all this yourself. Look below at the links provided and make up your own mind. I have read thousands of pages of research. I have been around the World. I have lived for extended periods in places like the Sahara, Gobi, and other desserts. I have been in deep jungles, deep snow in rocky mountains, and in some of the worlds largest cities. One thing i know above all else is people are never ready to face a problem till it is in their face. Disasters can be easy or hard. I hope this site makes them a bit easier on some of you who read it and use it.

I believe in finding the information one needs to have, for survival. Your brain is your best tool, it is unlimited. If you buy any supplies from me, or not. Just be prepared in case something happens.... Survival-Unlimited