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I would love for you to see my pieces first hand, but the website will not do that. So instead of taking my word for it, that my pieces are full of detail, go check out my latest review. Here is a review from Wargames Forum-

Reviews from U.K.

Demo pieces review

What people have said about my stuff.


From: Curtis Alexander 
Mr. Crutcher,
     I was skeptical of your bits, but I went ahead and ordered a few to try them out. I will say this, your site does not do them justice. You need better pictures that show your details better.
I will be looking forward to building my next model knowing that I can purchase bits of detail to finish them off.
Thank you for the Steel bits set,

From: Donna McConnell
    As a mini painter who is looking to add verity and depth to my work, finding Modelers Attic, is a boom. It caters to those of us who are challenged when it comes to making our own bits and pieces. You know, those extra touches, that take a mundane piece of work to supurb. I am eagerly looking forward to more from you Clay. Keep up the good work!
Donna McConnell....CMON-wiccanpony
She did well with my bits-11/15/05
Hi Clay
    A Happy Thanksgiving Day to you also, hope all is well with your family.
    “My, Oh, My”, your online store has been growing in leaps and bounds this year, I have been looking over all the new items you have added, in just 2005.
    Thought you might want to know I used some of your “food- a loaf of bread and bowl of veggies” bits with my Wyrd, Rotten Harvest Painting Contest and I know they helped me take first in Best Base or Diorama and second in Best of Show, I was so pleased with how the base came out.  I’m #9 in the Witches and Warlocks.

Donna-CMON wiccanpony

From: Logan Smithers
     I just wanted to thank you for the custom bits you made for me. I added them to my model and it made a big difference. It is a dream come true, your detailed bits do make a model better, just like you advertised. I can't wait till you come out with your new items. I have your site bookmarked, for future projects.
Logan Smithers 

From: Wade Tillman
One word "COOL"!

From: Alex Bates

I recently ordered the "Market Items" pack from Modelers attic.

I like the idea of a company that sells small decorative bits for conversions and terrain at a great price, but until the market items got released, he didn't have anything that I thought I'd use.

Then I saw those market items, and when I saw the headline on TMP, I knew I had to buy them.

I recieved my order three days after I placed it. No mean feat – I live in Alaska, which means that the order shipped early the following day.

They came wrapped in plastic with a page of instructions on care and preparation, packed in one of those "bubble-wrap" envelopes. Everything was complete, nothing broken or warped.

The jugs and jars are very nice, with only a tiny bit of resin flash at their bases. The texture detail on the baskets is deep enough that it will hold a wash and drybrush layer.

Some of the smaller items (the pile of potatoes, the plate of grain) aren't too detailed – I could have made the pile of potatoes myself, by stacking balls of green stuff, and the pile of grain just looks like a misformed lump until you paint it (at which point it looks just fine). But even on those, the casting is very clean.

I am very happy overall with the quality of the terrain pieces – perfect for my ancient Egyptian/Wargods of Aegyptus marketplace.

The service and shipping were top notch, and I recieved several emails about my order and its contents. The price was great – at five dollars, plus (IIRC) another dollar for shipping, I am a very happy customer.


From: Glen Jones
     I was delighted when the brown little box showed up in my mail. The postage was only $1.39 for all the bits you sent. I lined the hall of my model with the torches,  and put a wall shield on each side of a door. I wish you could have seen my friends when I showed them this model. They now have your website information, and I suspect you will get their business soon. The only thing I have a complaint about is the fact you do not have more done yet. I want more bits for terrain, and models. Good luck with your website, hurry and make more.

From: John Hernandez
Hey Clay,
There are plenty of model shops in San Antonio. I never can find what I want for my models. I do not sculpt, so your site is a god send. A friend refered you to me.
I do not make it a habbit ordering from small shops. They tend to rip you off or take a long time. I took a chance with Modelers Attic, and it was well worth it. I could not believe the detail on the pieces. Also I got my order within the week I ordered. You will get my business again soon. Keep it up.

From: Norton Barry
   Well even though your pieces have a very basic style to them I liked your work. I purchased several things from your line. After very little sanding, and a few air bubbles being filled in they painted up very well. The service was very good, and I will be buying from you again. I can tell you this, it is well worth the money I spent for these items. Thanks for your help, and keep at it.

From: Jeff Vandalase
Well I was mad at you for a week or so, You did not ship my order! Then I e-mailed you and found out you were in the middle of moving. Then I got my table  and chairs a few days later, man what detail. Keep up the good work, and sorry for the harsh e-mail. Hope you like your new house, good luck in "07".

From: Ed Lochner
I saw some of your bits my friend had, and it did make me feel pulled into the game. The detail is awesome. I ordered a few kits, I added them to my models. Wow what a difference in the way they looked! I will order again. Keep it up, you look like your getting better as you go. My wizards tower now has a cool set of books thanks to you. Hope you add to all your lines in "08".

Modelers Attic * Katy * TX * 77493 * All pieces are copyrighted Copyright 2010 , and are not to be duplicated. Keep all bits out of reach of small children.(choke hazard)

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