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I thought it would be a cool thing to make and it was. 

A Wizards tower has a few pieces being made.
Plus notice the shelf close up>

A Reaper mini Zaps a lamp!
I am toying with some special effects for mini's.


Hard to tell in these pictures, see the pages
Those books are 1/4"tall x 3/16" wide 1/8"thick.

All this is special order so I have no paypal button here. Wizards tower furniture is $7.00 which includes some enchanted items.The wizards tower furniture is made to fit a 3" x 6" room. It has 1 table 1 crystal ball table 1 shelf with potions and books in place 1 leather seat 1 large table 2 benches PLUS tiny magical items to add more detail.  ( pastel & morter, magic talisman, magic sword, and staff. )
The bolts of energy are $2.00 each.
The translucent bolts of energy come in your choice of blue, red and green. 

Details make the model.

Modelers Attic * Katy * TX * 77493 * All pieces are copyrighted Copyright 2010 , and are not to be duplicated. Keep all bits out of reach of small children.(choke hazard)

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