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First of all let me welcome you to my website. You can make a awesome model with these detailed bits. So look around and enjoy. All my items help add detail to wargaming, diorama, and RPG scenes. You will hear compliments with the details. If you are like me and want more out of your game experience, then feel at ease, this is the right place. You choose the detail pieces for Fantasy and Sci-Fi wargames terrain that will make your models stand above the rest. It will not help win a battle, but it looks cool. 

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Single Bits

A sample of what is inside. This example shows the resin piece, and the painted piece. When you order you get the unpainted resin piece.  It will need to be sanded, and prepared before painting. Not all pages show the resin part picture. Just click the add to cart buttons till your finished shopping, then add shipping and view cart for the total. For pocket change you can have details.

Bits Pictures

Large wall shield 1 1/2" x 1/8" (for decoration)
It has many small shields and a comet looking outline.


This site is for everyone. I have been building models since I was 12 years old, and now just turned 40. I have tips, tricks, bits, step by step instruction, and a whole bunch more to offer. All of which will help the novice or the pro. Use it for RPG or wargames detail. Mountains, Snow, Woods, Planets, houses, whatever...yes,even Fairy & Dollhouses.


What I offer is the following, click on any link below:



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Legal Stuff

Please keep in mind any reference made to a certain catagory of model is not intended to imply nor represent that I am affiliated with any of the companies making the line of miniature characters that go with the models. I only make models that work in or around the table top game industry. This forces me to use some company names every now and then to describe the race or setting in which the model or bit is intended to be used.


If you have any concerns please contact me. Clay Crutcher

Contact information:

Here is a outside opinion of my pieces. I try to convey that all my sculpts are full of detail, but you do not have to believe me, click on the link below.
Review from Wargames Forum in the U.K.


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Example Uses

I had to take this picture through a door.
You can see the detail better when it's painted.

I saw things like this in real castles when I was in Germany. Details like this make a model even better. This would look great in any empire.
Making models, Sculpting bits, Painting tips, Bits, I offer many services, but specialize in one, and that is
   Just click on the buttons like the ones below. Both Paypal & Credit cards work on the Paypal buttons.  Also send me a e-mail if you have a question about any item. I do answer as soon as I can.

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I help bring good models to life.


How to order items...

I choose no pressure sales, so look around enjoy, and if you want, buy a bit. The main thing is getting what you want from the site, and know you are welcome back any time.;)

Paypal is accepted, and you can also ORDER BY mail at:Modeler's Attic 5042 Morrison Katy, Texas 77493

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If you have a comment about the site feel free to send it. No one reads this stuff, Elvis left the building, any comments are appreciated.



Modelers Attic * Katy * TX * 77493 * All pieces are copyrighted Copyright 2010 , and are not to be duplicated. Keep all bits out of reach of small children.(choke hazard)

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