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Research and Science
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Research and Science
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This is a list of earthquakes in 2010 and then just the beginning of 2011. This is from the usgs data on their website. Please click on the link below to see the data. 

Earthquake Data

I have found out a few things and put my theory to the test. In short I think that a link exists between cosmic events and the Earth events. I have read hundreds of pages of data. I have not pinpointed the causes of recent events. I have however come up with a few theories. Numbers don't lie. The mayan calender is 25800 years. The Earth crosses the galactic plane 4 times in that time span. A point in our galaxy that Earth crosses that increases forces on the Earth. Gravity or magnetic forces go crazy when Earth passes through this plane. 2012 we pass through this plane. Science has proven however that the universe is expanding. So over time everything expands and it is closer to 5 times in that time span. My theory points to  4.96153846153846153846153846.  In laymans terms 5200 years.
Devide major events by that number and you get hits on certain cataclismic events. Such as 65,000,000 million years ago dinosaurs died out.
65,000,000 devided by 5200 = 12500
The Earth was a gravitational magnet at that time and pulled in the asteroid because of the increased forces of gravity or magnetism during the year it was in line with the center of the milky way.
Have the chills yet? Maybe this will get your attention.
20,800 ice age hit the earth.
20800 devided by 5200=4
Earth Ice Over Last 700,000 Years
Notice the pattern in the above graph. This all has happened before and the numbers all match up. This is over a 800,000 year time period. We are due for a cold spell soon. If you use 25,800 as the base number again and multiply by 6 you get the last ice age at 154,800. So i think the sun controls more than we know, and global warming is a croc....
Earthquakes are on the rise, gamma radiation from the center of our milky way is bombarding our solar system. In laymans terms it builds up heat between the sun and this center plane charging up Earth. That heat lets tectonic plates move, and plays havoc with the Earth and magnetic fields. Our weather and poles, and who knows what else.
Quantum Phisics and mechanics is a field of study that most people don't understand. Yet it has revealed some interesting results in theory. The latest is a search for a way to tie everything up in one mathmatical equation. Theory of everything, string theory, and others. Searching for this answer has brought up different dimentions, superstring theories and more. I believe that a wavelength will be found one day. Time is possibly that wavelength, what we percieve as time. In laymans terms we see the universe as a three dimentional place. Length, width, hight sort of world. Yet there is a fourth fifth sixth and so on to eleven. The wavelength we are missing to tie it all togeather is i believe time. So we percieve all at once. Everything happens at the same time or is tied togeather by distances and time in a web of particles we have yet to discover. In this gravity loses to magnetism due to E=mc2 which should be E=E in all directions.
We try to date things in many ways, but this has its flaws.
New research reveals Carbon 14 is disrupted every 11,000 years. So carbon dates past 11,000 years are kind of vague. 5200+5200 is 10,400 which is 600 years after the last sun related C14 contamination of carbon dates. It blurs time lines of extinctions.
Polar Shift - Well the poles are on the move, and just as water spirals one direction on this side of Earth it spirals the other direction on the other side of Earth when going down a drain. When we pass through the Galactic plain in our solar system this could happen to Earth. We either spin the other direction or poles shift greatly.
Food Shortages
World food prices are on the rise. It would be a good idea to stock up on food staples. Rice, corn, sugar, flour, etc. Just in case anything goes haywire like the theories suggest.




I know it is a theory only, and nothing may happen at all come 2012, but i for one want to be ready if it does.

U Tube Videos on subject matter

Inflation is on its way...

The velocity of money (also called velocity of circulation) is the average frequency with which a unit of money is spent in a specific period of time. Velocity associates the amount of economic activity associated with a given money supply. When the period is understood, the velocity may be presented as a pure number; otherwise it should be given as a pure number over time. In the equation of exchange, velocity of money is one of the variables claimed to determine inflation.


Chart showing the log of US M2[1][2] money velocity (green), calculated by dividing nominal GDP by M2 stock, M1 plus time deposits. M2 velocity is not stable and correlates with the Employment-Population ratio (blue), an indicator of economic vitality. Both M2 velocity and the Employment-Population Ratio decline in periods of recession (represented with gray bars). The pattern conflicts with the quantity theory of money, which assumes that money velocity will be stable and only loosely correlated with economic conditions.

The velocity of money right now is LOWER than it was in 2008, and inflation is about to hit the roof....